Next Generation

Enterprise Content Management

MEYER Records Management offers a comprehensive Enterprise Content and Workflow Management Platform to streamline processes, support your digital transformation, and help you build innovative solutions.

Automated workflows drive action, ensure consistency, and increase visibility by quickly connecting people with tasks and information. ECM and Workflow solutions are proven to lower costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service to provide a typical ROI in 1-3 years.

Our Workflow automates and optimizes business processes and integrates with your enterprise applications.

Workflow and Integration Platform – The “glue” holding everything together

  • Simple and advanced conditional workflows
  • Two-way integrations with business applications (ERP, CRM, LOS)
  • Access content from a consolidated interface
  • Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time

Full Lifecycle Content Management – Content creation to disposition

  • High-volume centralized and remote scanning
  • Import emails, faxes, and digital files
  • Supports implementation of Records Management requirements
  • Eliminate paper and reduce cost
  • Share content through fast and easy access
  • Content management 
  • Streamline workflow 
  • Enterprise-level technology
  • Keep your business growing and your work flowing
  • Automate paperwork, payroll, and policies
  • Simplify recruiting 
  • Knowledge transfer for new hires
  • Streamline benefits administration and performance reviews
  • Automate budgeting, billing, and procurement
  • Tracking expenses, evaluate claims, and project trends
  • Process invoices faster and streamline internal auditing
  • Have multiple legacy systems to talk to each other
  • Manage risks, projects, supply chains, and inventory
  • Access more and better information to improve decision-making