Top Reasons to Work with a NAID Vendor
31 Jan

Top Reasons to Work with a NAID Vendor

Information security is always a top concern for companies, as well as their customers. Any information pertaining to the company or its customers must be protected and properly disposed of when no longer needed. When a company needs to dispose of these confidential materials, an accredited shredding company is an important step. To ensure proper handling and secure destruction, look for shredding vendors that are certified by the National Association of Information Destruction, or NAID.

NAID is the internationally recognized trade association that sets the standards for companies providing shredding and information destruction services. NAID’s AAA certification program was developed by industry professionals and is recognized by thousands of private and governmental organizations around the world. Achieving AAA certification through NAID establishes, monitors, and ensures ongoing compliance by practitioners of information destruction. NAID certification is required by most government offices as well as thousands of private companies.

Top five reasons to work with a NAID certified shredding company:

  1. With NAID you can be assured that information is disposed of to government standards.
  2. Only with a trusted NAID AAA certified member can you mitigate the risk of theft and fraudulent behavior.
  3. NAID certified vendors handle the destruction of both paper and electronic data while fulfilling operational and security requirements.
  4. A company with AAA certification has completed a comprehensive audit to verify the company’s compliance with NAID’s rigorous standards.
  5. AAA certification takes a NAID membership one step further to ensure peace of mind.

Are you ready to take the next step to make sure your company is providing the best protection for your information destruction? MEYER Records Management is a NAID AAA Certified company that’s ready to start helping you dispose of your information utilizing the industry’s most secure and tested methods. Contact us today!

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