Records Management and File Storage

Cost and Space Savings

Storing records on-site at your own facility takes up valuable and expensive office space. Off-site self-storage spaces have high rental cost for the size of the space and are inconvenient for document retrieval and refile purposes. The team at William B. Meyer, Inc. provides document management services to businesses for a simple, secure, and inexpensive solution to all of your records storage needs.

Secure, Compliant Storage 

Our records storage facilities are safe, clean, and secure. We provide flexible solutions for your specific requirements. As your business grows you will pay only for the space you need, making our document management solutions one of the most affordable and customizable.  MEYER Records Management provides the services you need while maintaining full regulatory compliance for your healthcare, financial, legal, or other vital business records.

Online Access for Fast, Easy File Retrieval

Through the customer web portal you can request a file, delivery, pick-up, or even order supplies. Just login to the online portal, search for your box or file, and submit your order for standard Next Day Delivery. When you no longer need the those items, just log back in to the online portal and submit your refile request and one of our uniformed drivers will pick-up those items for refiling back into your offsite inventory. Same Day and 3 Hour Rush Delivery options are always available when required.

Organizing and Indexing your Files for Storage

Out team of experienced records management professionals can get your records storage program off to the right start. We can customize an effective offsite storage program designed to meet your specific needs. The first step towards an effective records management program is establishing an accurate box level inventory index complete with box barcode labels. When appropriate we can also implement a file level index to make searching for specific files quick and painless. Through this process we make sure your files are easily retrievable, properly stored, and secure.

Our Records Storage services provide customers with:

Flexible Storage Options

  • Hard Copy Storage
  • Off-site Magnetic Media and Off-site Tape Vaulting
  • Electronic Storage
  • Document Scanning and Conversion Solutions
  • Cloud Based Electronic Document Storage
  • Secure Mobile and Off-site Document Shredding


  • Inventory Bar Code Tracking
  • Chain of Custody Reporting
  • 24-hour Security Systems
  • Full Facility Power Backup Generators
  • Climate Controlled Facilities with State-of-the-art Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Secure  Trucks with GPS tracking
  • Professional and Uniformed Drivers

Efficient Retrieval

  • Customer Web Portal for 24/7 Inventory Management  Access
  • Flexible Document Retrieval Options:
    • Standard Next Day Delivery
    • Expedited Same Day Delivery
    • Expedited 3 Hour Rush Deliver
    • Scan-on-Demand