MEYER Records Management offers our customers in Springfield, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas complete records management services.  We provide a professional, secure, and cost-efficient solution to their document retention, archiving, file scanning, and shredding needs.  Our team is well-versed in all industry compliance requirements and you can trust that your vital records are not only safe with us, but quickly and easily retrieved whenever you need them.

  • Healthcare: Store, protect, and easily retrieve patient and hospital records, files, and digital information.
  • Legal: Archive documents such as contracts, trusts, wills, judgments, and real estate transfers.
  • Business/Finance:  Safe and secure storage for essential transaction, accounting, tax, and financial records.

MEYER Records Management Services Include:

State-of-the-Art Records Storage Facilities

  • Offsite records storage and document archiving cost reductions of 15% or more from current storage method
  • Three storage classification levels for a custom solution based on your document security, environmental control, and budget requirements
  • Modern climate controlled facilities strategically located throughout the northeast
  • Climate Controlled Firelock™ vaults at all locations for secure off-site tape and media storage
  • Records indexed and tracked real-time to the shelf, carton, file, and document level
  • Customer web portal access to records inventory 24/7
  • Easy online file and records retrieval request

Full-Service File Pickup and Delivery

  • Quick-Turn records retrieval
  • Multiple file return time-frame choices based on need and budget, featuring our Scan-on-Demand service
  • Pick-up and delivery by uniformed drivers using clean, secure William B. Meyer, Inc. vans

Document Destruction and Secure File Shredding

Off-Site Tape and Media Vaulting