Managing Inactive Records
07 Jun

Managing Inactive Records

Types of company records fall into two categories: active or inactive. Documents are labeled as such based on the frequency they are referenced and how relevant they are to managing day-to-day business. An active document used on a regular basis, needs to be in proximity to the office. In turn, a document that is no longer of use should be considered inactive. Inactive records become problematic to a company for the amount of space they take up that could be used in more productive ways. However, in many cases, inactive records must be kept until the end of their allotted record retention schedule.

What can your company do with its inactive records?

  1. Off-site records storage– Records management facilities are a highly secure alternative to using your own office space.
  2. Store your information digitally– Scanning services provide an accessible and convenient storage solution for inactive files.
  3. Document shredding- For records that are inactive and have reached the end of their lifecycle, secure NAID Certified shredding is the best course of action.

MEYER Records Management offers secure, easy, and cost-effective solutions for all your active and inactive document management needs. Our team at MEYER Records Management can ensure that your files are handled securely through any of our records services. Whether your company needs document storage, scanning, or shredding, we understand the importance of privacy and security during the life of a file. Learn more about what MEYER Records Management can do for you!

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