Onsite and Offsite Document Shredding Services

With William B. Meyer, Inc.’s document shredding services, you can rest assured that all of your records will be removed and securely destroyed to protect your business from any liability. We consider the safe and secure disposal of your critical documents to be just as important as protecting your records. Our document shredding services can be tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring compliance with all privacy laws and protecting all of your sensitive information.

Increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements by HIPAA HITECH, Graham Leach Bliley, and Sarbanes Oxley have organizations rethinking simple office functions like document destruction. Our staff works with you to schedule destruction dates for your files stored in our facilities. We will pull the records, send you a list of out-of-date files marked for destruction, and after receiving final approval, have them securely shredded.

MEYER Document Shredding Services include:

On-site document shredding:   Our fleet of mobile shredding trucks allows for quick and secure document shredding at your location. With one call our mobile shredding truck arrives and documents are securely destroyed under your supervision. After the shredding is complete, we will give you written certification for your records. Click HERE to learn how we can customize a mobile shredding solution to fit your needs.

Off–site document shredding: Our team can pick-up documents for destruction from your location or pull them directly from your storage in our facilities. After you approve the list of boxes and files to be destroyed, they are placed in locked containers, transported to our shredding facility, placed in enclosed video surveillance rooms and shredded to 5/8-inch or less. The waste is baled, hydro pulped, and recycled. When the shredding has been completed we will give you written certification for your records.