File Conversion Services

MEYER Records Management offers document scanning and imaging services that convert paper documents into electronic files for easy search and retrieval. We also convert microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. With our document management software, records and information are easily accessible and secure. Search for your scanned records quickly and easily, and then send them via email, fax, or ftp. Document scanning will decrease your paper waste and improve productivity and organization.

Our flexible plan has three different approaches to best suit your needs.

Day Forward Approach

  • Outsource your document imaging requirements and have our records professionals scan your documents.
  • An in-house Day Forward is also available for scanning your own documents internally. We will assist with installation of scanners and software at your location and give your employees all the necessary training for quality results.

Back file Conversion

  • Our high-speed document scanners are used in document preparation and indexing.  These scanners convert large amounts of archived or historical documents into a format recognized by our imaging technology.
  • When your files are converted, you can choose from one of the “Day Forward” options above to digitize and access your new documents.


  • Scan-on-Demand, combined with a Day Forward approach, is a popular and economical solution for digitizing historical and new documents.
  • All historical documents are kept in storage at one of our secure facilities, scanned upon request, and then filed electronically.
  • This is an ideal solution for industries with a large amount of historical documents that are not frequently accessed.

Advantages of Document Scanning Services

Our imaging and document conversion services create useful, digital documents that are accessible by all your employees. With optical character recognition (OCR) your documents are converted into searchable text, making information easy to find. Our secure facilities and professional records management staff ensure your information is fully protected.

  • Increase Productivity – Fast access to your converted electronic documents.
    • Human Resources Solutions
    • Finance & Legal Solutions
    • Operations Solutions
  • Save Space – Our document imaging services eliminate bulky hard copy documents. Access your information online anytime, anywhere.
  • Compliance – Exercise greater organizational controls over your sensitive documents to comply with privacy requirements.

All of William B. Meyer Inc.’s in-house document scanning services are HIPAA compliant. No matter what level of document scanning services you need, we have the solution to protect your documents.