We understand how effective data backup and recovery systems are a necessity in this digital age.  Our MEYER Records Management teams have decades of experience in protecting valuable business data for companies. Our professionals assess your existing systems and business processes to develop an affordable, business continuity solution suited to their company. Should a disruption occur, our team will be ready 24/7 to securely deliver your disaster recovery media back to your location for restore.  As one of the industry’s leading records storage providers, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service, combined with our state-of-the-art systems and security.

Back-up Media and Tape Rotation

Regularly rotating your data back-up magnetic media is an essential part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Our facility assures protection of your back-ups from an unexpected localized event.

Our tape rotation services provide maximum protection of your data. Our uniformed and professional personnel will pick-up and deliver your tapes on your schedule however your back-up plan is structured. They will provide secure transportation of your tapes to our facility where they will be logged and entered into our secure media vaults. If extra security and discretion is required, we can provide unmarked uniform personnel and vehicles.

Secure Lock Boxes

Our lock boxes keep your tapes safe and secure while in transport and keep your tapes organized and protected in our vaults.

Archival Magnetic Media and Tape Vaulting

Electronic systems hold vital information for all aspects of your business and practice. We understand this data is critical and must regularly be backed-up, stored, and rotated offsite. Keeping your data back-ups in the same location as the source data defeats the purpose. We provide the safe, secure, and separate offsite locations to protect your organization from total data loss.

Our facilities are fully equipped to protect your digital media, with media vaults that are fireproof, temperature and humidity control, and secure access by authorized personnel only. With our drivers providing prompt pick-up and delivery on your back-up schedule, rotation of your media is simple and seamless. If required, this service can also be done in unmarked vans and plain uniform drivers for added security. All tapes are transported and stored in  lock boxes to keep your data safe and secure in transit as well.

Advantages of our off-site tape and media vault storage:

  • Cold site is a safe location in event of fire or disaster in your office
  • Special media storage vaults keep your back-ups protected
  • Secure storage away from corporate vandalism or espionage
  • Our consultants help develop a business continuity plan to protect your information

Contingency and Continuity Planning

Careful planning for unforeseen circumstances ensures that you recover from a disaster. Our experience protecting and storing information has helped us understand what it takes to get an organization back on its feet after a disaster. We can assess your requirements and help create a Business Continuity Plan that will have you ready to recover from a disaster with your information assets, both hardcopy and electronic, intact. We have multi-tiered programs and plans to fit your practice or business so you can rest assured that your vital information and your enterprise will survive.