William B. Meyer, Inc. Completes Expansion of Windsor, CT Facility
01 Apr

William B. Meyer, Inc. Completes Expansion of Windsor, CT Facility

William B. Meyer, Inc.’s expansion in Windsor, CT has been successfully completed.  Despite adverse weather conditions from a difficult winter, the 80,000 square foot addition was completed in just four and a half months.  The accelerated construction schedule was necessitated by the increased demand that William B. Meyer, Inc. has received for services in Logistics, Corporate and Residential Relocation, Rigging, and Records Management. These services, focused on distribution, transportation and storage solutions, benefit from the warehouse space.

The need for increased warehousing space was the single greatest driver behind the expansion at Windsor. The facility layout reflects this, of the 205,000 available square feet only 2,500 square feet have been designated as office space.  The rest of the facility is dedicated to providing secure, climate-controlled and custom storage and transportation options to match client needs.  Tom Gillon, Sr. President of William B. Meyer, Inc. has been involved with the Windsor expansion since the very beginning. He is responsible for the design and strategy behind the layout, “The Windsor location is well located to serve the Northern Connecticut and Massachusetts community. By dramatically increasing the building footprint, we give our storage and transportation solutions greater access to a larger service area.  Accordingly we are seeing demand rise for those solutions.”

Records Management particularly benefited from the expansion.  Their dedicated, segregated warehouse facility was expanded by 70,000 square feet, bringing their total amount of records storage space to 130,000 square feet. This space is unique in that it can accommodate three different levels of security for clients interested in off-site records storage. For clients with basic needs, Windsor’s Warehouse Storage space has limited access with card access controls and heat in the colder months. For clients with mid-level records protection needs, the Climate-controlled Storage Space has temperature and humidity controls. Finally, for clients with advanced security and environmental needs, the Windsor facility offers complete protection with its Fire-proof Media Vault that shields all records and magnetic media in a restricted zone. The Media Vault uses gaseous clean-agent fire suppression systems, high temperature insulation, magnetic shielding, vapor barriers, dual controlled locks, double door construction, and exterior sealants to protect all media.  All three storage options offer round-the-clock video surveillance. The added space and security options at Windsor have already begun to spike growth. Mike Cavallo, Director of Sales for the Storage and Logistics Group of William B. Meyer, Inc., elaborates, “Records Management has already gained two major accounts which will be housed in the Windsor location.  Both are large accounts, and bring in a combined 70,000 boxes in storage.”

Though construction at Windsor has ended, William B. Meyer has the option to expand 55,000 square feet in the future. Says Gillon, “We will call that Phase III of William B. Meyer’s Windsor expansion.”

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